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    TGO官方线上‘M. Léon Felix, of St. Malo, London.’


    ‘I suppose you wouldn’t recognise it if you heard it? It was not, for example, Messrs. Dupierre, the monumental sculptors, of Grenelle?’
    ‘It is a good while since then. How do you come to remember the time so exactly?’
    The sergeant saluted and withdrew.


    1.‘Now tell me something else, Mr. Felix. You possess, I understand, two navy-blue suits?’
    2.‘Every place was windy that day. It was an abominable crossing.’
    3.The Inspector recognised again that this was all surmise, but it was strengthened by the fact that the pin was undoubtedly bent as if it had been pulled out of something without being unhooked. The more he thought over it the more likely his idea seemed. At all events it would be easy to test it. Two points suggested themselves to his mind which would settle it conclusively. First, if the pin were Madame’s, the maid Suzanne would recognise it. The arrangement of the diamonds made it quite distinctive. The girl would also know if Madame wore it on the night of the dinner-party. Secondly, if it were pulled out of Madame’s dress, the latter would probably be torn or at least marked. Both these points could easily be ascertained, and he decided he would write to Paris about them that night.
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